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The passion for art is a continuous chain of revolutions.

For me, art in its totality and sculpture in its specificity are a source of life, a source of energy that breaks into every moment of my existence, asking, urging, suggesting, from time to time, a different perception of the physical place, of the social space, of the cultural environment, with no intention of provoking or surprising, but with the will to take action, to change.

A passion that changed my world. An improved, harmonious world, a world without wars, a curious world where every subtle variation has its importance, a world that, viewed through the filter of art, generates overwhelming emotions: generosity and wonder; where every space can be crossed by slashing the veil of temporal dimension, embracing past, present and future.

I embarked on this journey to expressive research many years ago, a journey that led me to a place where imagination unties me from space and present time to elsewhere pushing me beyond the limits, abandoning the path of resistance, without fear.

The materials I use, marble, iron, bronze, combine thought and creative gesture, giving life to a form that stands out towards an opening that collects apparent dissonances but that actually communicate with each other exploring movement, sound, in a bustle of tension and offer, a game of exchange.

And, by the gesture, the sign that capture contours and surfaces, the form becomes vision.

Graduated in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Isabella Nurigiani lives and works in Rome and Pietrasanta. She took part in several personal and collective exhibitions, both nationally and internationally as well as she has many presence in specialized magazines and catalogs.Her artistic research is directed to the resolute pursuit of pure form, which is constituted as a constant plastic exercise that allows her to enter into the essence of form, understood as a subliminal manifestation.

Encountering Isabella’s artworks one feels fascinated by the perception of easinessin shaping the materials, usually hard and heavy, to which she's able to give a deep sense of movement and transformation, a prompt and strong effect, which outlines the research that the artist wanted to begin, conveying into matter the ideal representation, where the use of materials creates a palpable energy and easily perceptible even from an inexperienced glance.

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